May this special edition Tree of LIfe protect you and help you see past the current turmoil. In this special edition, we've added our glow-in-the-dark pigment to the trunk and chosen calming colors. Just a reminder that although our lives may be upended in the present, like a tree, we will grow and survive.This hand-blown glass tree ornament contains loose bits of colored glass, like the fallen flower petals from the tree. When you shake the globe, they jingle delicately. In medieval times, colorful glass balls such as this were hung in the window to catch evil spirits and protect the home. I.t was said that the colors would entice the bad spirit to enter the ball, but then it would be trapped inside, tangled in the glass strings or too confused by the colors to find its way out. Perfect for a house warming gift. Or to represent the Tree of Life for special people or occasions. Approximately 3.5 inches. Includes copper hook and legend. Comes in a gift box.

Special Edition Tree of Life w/ Glow