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Our hand-blown Pineapple comes in traditional or Glow-in-the-Dark color options. Fun & versatile, it can stand on a tabletop or hang in a window or on a stand. Great for a centerpiece or a housewarming gift. The pineapple is the traditional symbol of hospitality and ‘Welcome.’ It was once spiked on the fencepost of mariners to indicate they had returned safely from their voyages to the tropics, and were ready to receive visitors. It was highly prized and rare in colonial times, and a Williamsburg, Virginia, hostess could rent one to adorn her table for guests, boosting her social standing. A more affluent neighbor would eventually purchase the fruit and eat it.
Our art glass Pineapples are individually hand blown, and stand approximately 6-7 inches tall.

Hand-blown Pineapple

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